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Test certificates
Our test certificates are compiled just for you. Please contact our Technical Department for further information about test certificates for The Schlüter-BEKOTEC-THERM or other Schlüter products
Complete modular system
  Certification programme for radiant floor heating systems

Schlüter-BEKOTEC-THERM is a certified radiant floor heating system, which is externally monitored by the Research Association HLK (Heating- Ventilation- Air Conditioning) of Stuttgart University in Germany.
As part of the certification program for our radiant floor heating systems, we are entitled to utilize the DIN (German Industrial Standard) certification symbol with the registration number 7F165.

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  Thermal technology testing

Thermal technology test according to DIN EN-1264, reg. no. HB03 P094 and HB03 P094, performed by the independent, accredited and DIN CERTCO-certified testing laboratory, Research Association HLK (Heating- Ventilation- Air Conditioning) of Stuttgart University.

Performance diagrams are available for downloading from the Service section.

  Load test according to DIN 1055

Load test and confirmation of the load distribution properties specified by DIN 1055 in test report A1152/97. This test was conducted by the independent, DIN EN 45001-accredited laboratory of the Association for Research and Material Testing in Construction in Augsburg, Germany.

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  iff-expert report

Confirmation of the practical properties of the entire system, including floor covering, by the independent iff-expert team for construction and floor technology in Koblenz, Germany.

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Heating pipes
  Certification programme according to DIN 4726

Schlüter-BEKOTEC-THERM-HR is certified and externally monitored under the registration number 3V270 PE-RT. Certification programme according to DIN 4726, Piping Systems of Synthetic Material for Warm-water Heating Systems and Connection to Radiators.

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  Oxygen-impermeable heating pipes

Testing according to DIN 4726/4729, Oxygen-impermeable Heating Pipes

  Monitored manufacturing

Monitored manufacturing as specified in DIN 8074/8075

  Continuous monitoring and testing

Continuous monitoring and testing of heating pipes by Süddeutsche Kunststoffzentrum (Southern German Plastic Center), Würzburg. Reg. No. : PE-RT SKZ A 240

  Radiator connection with high temperature stresses

KIWA/KOMO K11423/01, K14281/01, K14281/02
Our PE-RT pipe was tested according to EU-accredited BRL 5607 and is approved for use in radiator connections with high temperature stresses

  German Association for Radiant Heated Floors

Member company, German Association for Radiant Heated Floors

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