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heating benefits
Quick reacting radiant heated floors
  • The low screed mass allows for quick control response, for example, when lowering the temperature at night.
Even distribution of heat
  • The interconnected air channels of Schlüter-DITRA below the ceramic covering allow for an even distribution of heat.
Low supply temperature, low heating cost
  • The even, quick, and large scale heat performance is highly efficient
Effective for the utilisation of renewable energy sources
  • The effective heating performance with low supply temperatures translates into a high degree of efficiency, e.g. for heating pumps or solar equipment.
Easy to control
  • The optimised control technology allows for accurate temperature settings.
  • Electronic (230 V, 24 V) or wireless controls offer the right solution for all building situations
Comfort level
  • The mild radiation heat of the floor as a “large scale heating element” makes for maximum comfort.
Sanitary and healthy
  • The heated, dry floor areas don’t give insects such as mites a chance.
  • The evenly distributed radiation heat prevents the formation of fungi or the distribution of spores.
  • Ceramic tile and natural stone coverings are especially easy to care for and hygienic.
  • With the corresponding technology, basic cooling is also an option.

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