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Additional system components
The Schlüter products described below are mandatory system components for damage free ceramic tile or natural stone coverings in conjunction with Schlüter-BEKOTEC-THERM (see separate price list).

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system components (content 02)
Uncoupling mat

Polyethylene matting with a grid of square, cutback cavities and an anchoring fleece on the underside. Schlüter-DITRA uncouples ceramic tile and natural stone coverings from the screed and serves as a waterproofing layer. Its interconnected air channels distribute the heat evenly (for further information, please see product data sheet 6.1).

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system components (content 03)
Movement joint profiles

Schlüter-DILEX-BWB/-BWS/-KS/-EDP/-AKWS are profiles for movement joints that are installed in the necessary joint pattern of the floor layer over Schlüter-DITRA. This helps absorb changes in length, e.g., caused by temperature changes (for more information, please see product data
sheets for 4.6, 4.7, 4.8, 4.16, and 4.18).

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system components (content 04)
Edge and corner profiles

Schlüter-DILEX is a flexible corner profile for the transition areas to skirting or wall tiles. Schlüter-DILEX-BWA/-AS are profiles for flexible connections to structural building elements (for further information, please see product data sheets 4.9, 4.10, and 4.14).

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