Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
View the most popular questions asked by our customers about Schlüter-BEKOTEC-THERM, we have summarised the most important questions and answers for you:
Only 8 mm of screed coverage. Can Schlüter-BEKOTEC-THERM remain intact in the long term?

Yes! As you can read in the test report A1152/97 of the independent Association for Research and Material Testing in Construction, the Schlüter-BEKOTEC-THERM ceramic thermal-comfort floor is able to absorb loads that make the construction suitable even for car dealerships, where they remain crack-free and don't show any of the familiar settlement symptoms around the edges (because of torn silicone joints).
Radiant heated floors usually are slow to respond. Is that also true for BEKOTEC-THERM?

This may be true for conventional systems.  The ceramic thermal-comfort floor with its low volume of screed saves approximately 3.7 cubic meters of screed for every 100 square meters.  This means that approximately 7.4 tons of screed volume doesn't need to be heated.  Thanks to the specially adapted Schlüter control technology, the floor heating system can be regulated according to individual preferences, including lowering the temperature at night.
Is the system suitable for renovations/ older buildings?

Absolutely! The low weight, low construction height and the additional system components provided by Schlüter for waterproofing and uncoupling the substrate allow for a wide range of tailored solutions.  Our Technical Department will be pleased to assist you with customizsing the floor construction to your needs.  We also can refer you to specially trained system contractors.
Where can I purchase Schlüter-BEKOTEC-THERM?

Please contact us.  We can then refer you to dealers, planners, or system contractors through the sales representative who is responsible for your region.
Is this heating system officially approved?

The independent expert report of the IFF-EXPERT-TEAM 97 in Koblenz, Germany, and the expert report of the Research Association for Material Testing in Construction confirm the practical properties of the system.  A great number of references and our warranty over five years, which not only extends to the system components, but guarantees a fully damage-free construction, add additional safety and benefits to this innovative system.
Does this only work with tiles?

No, you can use other materials as well.
Does the construction require expansion joints?

They are not required in the screed (except movement joints, which must be continued into the system).  In addition, the tile covering must be subdivided by control joints as specified by industry standards.