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Schlüter-SCHIENE was the first product of many concepts that our company developed over the last three decades.This product marks the beginning of a long series of successful products and systems that have turned SCHLÜTER-SYSTEMS into one of the largest and most innovative manufacturers of the industry. Find out more about us and our system products. Simple. Clear. Quick.

Schlüter-BEKOTEC-THERM - the ceramic thermal comfort floor
The experience of the past has shown how difficult it is to achieve a satisfactory balance between the aspects of construction, physics, and heating technology in the heating system of the floor as a whole. As a consequence, conventional heated screeds with ceramic coverings frequently buckle and form cracks. This is mainly attributable to the fact that screed and ceramics expand and contract at different rates due to their different heat expansion coefficients during temperature changes.
The provisions of the corresponding standards, for example with regard to the thickness of the screed, or the quality of movement joints, reinforcement inserts, or residual moisture for tile installation readiness, have frequently turned out to be insuffi cient in physical terms.

From the perspective of heating technology, a relatively large mass of screed has the disadvantage that a great amount of heating energy must initially be used and stored. Conventional radiant heated fl oor systems therefore are slow to respond to temperature changes.

Our complete system, Schlüter-BEKOTEC-THERM, is a construction that solves all these problems in one internationally patented assembly.

The relatively small amount of screed and the closeness of the heating pipes to the surface allow for a quick reaction to temperature changes. Thanks to the interconnection of the air channels in the Schlüter-DITRA matting, the heat is distributed evenly. This makes Schlüter-BEKOTEC-THERM a quick reacting “ceramic thermal comfort floor” that can be operated with great energy effi ciency at very low supply temperatures.

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