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construction benefits
Low construction height
  • Schlüter-BEKOTEC-THERM can be installed with construction heights starting at 31 mm plus covering.
  • This results in a wide range of application options for new construction and refurbishment
Material and weight savings
  • Due to the low screed mass, the weight of 1 m3 of screed is only 57kg.
  • Compared to conventional heated screeds, a reduction of 37 mm in screed thickness saves 3.7 m3 of screed mortar with the weight of approximately 7.4 t over an area of 100 m2.
  • This has a positive impact on the static calculations of new construction or refurbishment projects.
  • The building is also spared the corresponding amount of moisture.
Screed construction with low tension
  • Tensions in the screed are reduced through the regularly structured network of micro-fine cracks in the studded pattern of the BEKOTEC panels.
  • The screed does not buckle due to internal tensions.
  • No constructive reinforcement is necessary.
No screed joints
  • The tensions in the screed are evenly reduced across the entire area. Therefore, it is not necessary to divide the screed into fields with movement joints.
More design options
  • Free choice of movement joints in the joint pattern of the ceramic covering over Schlüter®-DITRA, since the joints from the screed don’t have to be carried over.
Short construction periods
  • Schlüter-DITRA can be installed as soon as the screed is ready to bear weight, followed by the tile covering. For gypsum based screeds, the residual moisture should be approximately 2%.
  • No warm-up or cure heating is required
  • No CM measurements to determine residual moisture
  • Less material, therefore quicker installation
Crack-free ceramic or natural stone covering
  • The low tension screed construction and uncoupling properties of Schlüter-DITRA make sure stresses are not transferred to the covering.
Highly durable
  • Loads in private and commercial buildings of up to 5kN/m2 are no problem (additional insulation must be able to sustain the corresponding pressure).
Proven suitability
  • Damage free practical application for several years
  • Numerous reference projects
  • Test certificates from independent institutes

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