Quick and simple heating circuit calculation

Heating circuit calculator for BEKOTEC-THERM

The Schlüter-BEKOTEC-THERM heating circuit calculator enables quick and easy determination of the heating circuits, pipe counts and volume flow for rooms ranging in size from 4 to 30 m². The tool takes specific requirements and the peculiarities of different areas into account.

Heating circuit calculator

1Type of studded screed panel

2Installation spacing

3Room base area



Pipe requirements (metres per room): {{result.rohrbedarf}} m
Volume flow per heating circuit (litres per minute): {{result.volumenstrom}} l/Min

Heating circuit calculator


Room: {{$model.raumname}}
Studded panel: {{$model.currentNoppenplatte.title}}, {{$model.currentNoppenplatte.description}}
Installation spacing: {{$model.currentAbstand.abstand}} cm
Room base area: {{$model.raumflaeche}} m2

Number of heating circuits *:  

Pipe requirements (metres per room)*:   {{result.rohrbedarf}} m
Volume flow per heating circuit (litres per minute):*   {{result.volumenstrom}} l/Min

*) The design data determined by this program are intended for guidance only. They are not to be construed as warranties under any circumstances.
"All data must be verified at your own responsibility and have to be coordinated with the actual performance data (see the technical Manual) as well as the heating load required for your construction project. You can download the technical manual at

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Technical data and notes

Room temperature 20 °C

Covering Covering resistance Supply temperature Return temperature
Tile 0,00 m²k/W 35 °C 25 °C
Parquet to 15 mm 0,10 m²k/W 45 °C 35 °C
Carpet 0,10 m²k/W 45 °C 35 °C


  • ∆θ 5K for room temperature 24 °C
  • Note residual heat requirements, e.g. in bathrooms, wash rooms, or orconservatory
  • Pipe requirement including connector pipe to the distributor
  • Edge insulation strip ≈ room base area x 1.2