Redesign of a special residential structure

"Trulli" are among the most important and best-known symbols of the Italian region of Apulia. The "trulli" in the town of Alberobello have even been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The round homes, built in the 17th century, use a dry masonry method without mortar. Their structures, made of solid natural stone with very thick walls and small windows, offer protection against summer heat, but also retain warmth in the winter. Trulli are considered prototypes of passive home design and modular construction, since all rooms are arranged around a single large central space.

Renovating such buildings is a particular challenge because the character of the house must be preserved while adapting it to modern needs. The installation of a Schlüter-BEKOTEC-THERM floor heating system allows for such a compromise. That prompted the Laruccia family to install a ceramic thermal comfort floor in their "trullo" home in Polignano a Mare. One important factor in their decision was the fact that no radiators would be required, which would maintain the characteristics of the walls. The low assembly height of the system also allowed for the continued use of the original characteristic main door.

The owners particularly appreciated the ease of cutting and laying out the BEKOTEC-EN panels, which enabled easy installation of the floor heating system in spite of the demanding blueprint of the house. The system also made it feasible to connect the main space to individual rooms. Because the BEKOTEC system is designed to match the movement joints with the joint pattern, there was great freedom of design for installing natural stone panels. All of these features led to the successful renovation of the special structure without affecting its original shape.


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