Systems & components

Far more than the sum of its parts. That is especially true for complex assemblies such as our floor heating system Schlüter-BEKOTEC-THERM. Nevertheless, the quality of system components is a key criterion when choosing a floor heating system. It is good to know that your selection of Schlüter-Systems means choosing true brand quality "Made in Germany".

That applies equally to our water-based floor heating system Schlüter-BEKOTEC-THERM and to our electric system Schlüter-DITRA-HEAT-E. The following pages offer useful information on all components comprised by our innovative heating systems.

  • Schlüter®-BEKOTEC-THERM

    Our ultra-slim warm-water floor heating system Schlüter-BEKOTEC-THERM offers efficient and systematic heating technology - from heating pipes to state-of-the-art thermostats.

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  • Schlüter®-DITRA-HEAT-E

    The electric floor and wall heating system Schlüter-DITRA-HEAT-E accommodates uncoupling and heating system functions in a total assembly height of 5.5 mm - an ideal fit for warm tiles in bathrooms!

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  • Reference projects

    BEKOTEC-THERM is equally suited as a heating system in state-of-the-art new construction and in historic structures from centuries past - take a look at our reference projects! Go to Reference projects