Benefits of floor heating systems

From installation to heating costs and heat distribution. Floor heating systems offer many advantages. Read more about the benefits of installing a thermal comfort floor.

Saving energy and money

In contrast to radiators, floor heating systems use lower water temperatures because they have a larger surface than a radiator. The so-called supply temperature of the water can therefore be several degrees lower – that saves energy, which makes for a lower heating bill.

Aesthetic spaces without radiators

Say goodbye to space-consuming, bulky radiators. Eliminating them will do more than improve the appearance of your living space: with the heating system moved below the floor, you create more room, which can be used for furniture.

Large heating surface, even room climate

Conventional heating systems distribute the temperature from one side of the room, typically from the window. That leads to air drafts with uneven temperatures. In the case of surface heating, the temperature emanates from a large surface to evenly heat the room.

Consistently sanitary

Moisture easily dries up on heated floors. That is bad news for bacteria, fungi and mites. Whether you want to install a sanitary floor in your bathroom or kitchen or have young children, a floor heating system is the perfect solution for your home.

Allergy sufferers breathe easier

Because floor heating systems only create a small temperature difference from the room air, they generate just a fraction of the air movements (air drafts) caused by conventional heating. That explains why floor heating systems turn up less dust, which avoids unnecessary contaminants in the room air.

For those suffering from dust allergies, floor heating systems are a true revelation: Not only are there fewer allergens produced by dust mites, but the dry, heated floor also robs the troublesome mites of their living environment, particularly in combination with sanitary, easy-care tiled floors.

Low assembly height allows for retrofitting

Today's renovation or remodeling projects don't have to forgo the advantages of a modern floor heating system. The variants Schlüter-BEKOTEC-EN 18 FTS and Schlüter-BEKOTEC-EN 12 FK were specifically developed for such applications. The low assembly height and small screed volume result in minimal static loads. That makes them suitable for restoration projects in older structures and heritage-listed buildings without a problem. As an additional bonus, there is no need to remove the existing screed. That not only saves construction time, but also reduces cost, noise and dirt.

Increased market value

Floor heating systems have many benefits. That is not lost on the market: the market value of real estate with floor heating systems is frequently significantly higher than comparable properties equipped with conventional radiators. The decision to opt for a floor heating system therefore pays off in multiple ways!

Short construction times

The installation of a modern heating system such as the floor heating system Schlüter-BEKOTEC-THERM or Schlüter-DITRA-HEAT-E does not involve lengthy construction times. Thanks to the special assembly, tiles or natural stone can be installed on the Schlüter-DITRA mat, which is part of the system, as soon as the screed is ready to bear weight. It is no longer necessary to wait for the screed to cure or to carry out time-consuming functional heating and curing. Because the thin screed uses much less material, the assembly saves weight and construction height and the installation requires significantly less time.

At its best with ceramic tiles

Optimal mit Keramik

Floor heating systems develop their full potential with floor coverings such as ceramic tiles or natural stone. However, you can also use other suitable floor coverings such as carpet, PVC or parquet - be sure to check for manufacturer labels.

Water-based or electric? The choice is yours!

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