Reference projects

  • Church of the Holy Cross in Dresden

    <p>The Church of the Holy Cross - world-famous for its choir and mentioned in historical documents as early as the 13th century - dominates the skyline of the German city of Dresden as one of its oldest structures. As part of restoration work, the church was planning to renovate the altar floor space to eliminate visible damage inflicted during World War II.</p> Read more
  • Moonstone Project, England

    <p>The estate known as "Moonstone Project" in Great Britain near the English town of Cheltenham is an impressive example of a perfect way to blend luxury construction at the highest level with modern architecture and an ecological, sustainable outlook.</p> Read more
  • Trulli, Italy

    <p>"Trulli" are among the most important and best-known symbols of the Italian region of Apulia. The "trulli" in the town of Alberobello have even been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. </p> Read more
  • Juulsbjergparken, Denmark

    <p>In the Danish town of Bredballe near Vejle, the apartment complex Juulsbjergparken comprises 88 apartments and a total living space exceeding 10,000 m² that jointly meet the highest demands of architectural design and energy-efficient construction.</p> Read more


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