Frequently Asked Questions about floor heating systems – Our answers

If you are not familiar with floor heating systems, refer to our FAQ section for a first overview. Please don't hesitate to contact us directly with any specific questions you may have.

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Questions & answers

  • Is there a warranty for the BEKOTEC system?

    Yes, there is - exclusively from Schlüter-Systems. We are the only manufacturer to offer a 5-year warranty for the entire system. This warranty refers to the entire floor assembly, i.e. it also includes the covering.

  • What do I need to observe to comply with the warranty?

    The components in the screed must be made by Schlüter. That means the studded screed panel, edging strip, system heating pipe and the DILEX-EK / RF corner profile must be installed.

  • Is there a minimum or maximum size for the tiles to be installed?

    The minimum tile sizes 5 x 5 cm. There is no maximum size with Schlüter-BEKOTEC-THERM. For example, you can easily install large-scale pavers with dimensions of 1.5 x 3 metres.

  • What do I need to know about the sound insulation material below the BEKOTEC system?

    The compressibility value (CP) of all installed components below the BEKOTEC system must be less than 3 mm.

  • What is the maximum temperature in the screed for the BEKOTEC system?

    The temperature in the area of the heating elements may not exceed 45 °C for mastic asphalt and 55 °C for gypsum-based and cement screeds for extended time periods.

  • Does a floor heating system have to be used with ceramic tile coverings?

    Schlüter-BEKOTEC-THERM is highly versatile: your floor heating system can be operated with many different covering types. Soft coverings (linoleum, cork, PVC) can be selected to the same extent as parquet and laminate.

    An overview of the possible covering types can be found here:

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  • Floor heating systems are considered slow-responding – is that true for BEKOTEC-THERM as well?

    That may be true for conventional systems, but the ceramic thermal comfort floor with its low screed volume saves approx. 3.7 cubic metres of screed for 100 square metres. That means 7.4 tons (!) of screed volume do not have to be heated. As a consequence, BEKOTEC-THERM responds much faster than conventional floor heating systems.

    In conjunction with the matching Schlüter control technology, you can therefore regulate your "floor radiator" with temperatures that are need-based, individually adjusted and comfortable, including efficient cooler phases.

  • Is BEKOTEC-THERM a good fit for my renovation project in an older home?

    Absolutely! Thanks to its low system weight and low assembly height, our floor heating system is ideally suited for renovation and restoration projects. If a floor area needs to be waterproofed, you can easily accomplish that with the system component Schlüter-DITRA.

    Our Technical Department will be pleased to assist you with adapting the floor structure. We can also recommend qualified Schlüter-Systems installers in your neighbourhood.

  • How will a surface heating system help me save energy?

    Floor heating systems will help you save energy for multiple reasons:

    • The heating water does not need to be as hot as for conventional heating, which greatly reduces the consumption of fossil or electric energy – or even gives you the option to operate the heating system with renewable energies.
    • The heat dissipation over a large area such as a floor or wall is more effective than the heat dissipation from a comparatively small radiator, since the larger heating area needs a much lower supply temperature.
    • The patented BEKOTEC system saves over 70% of the screed needed for other systems. That makes the layer over the heating pipes installed in the floor much thinner and the floor can release heat more quickly and efficiently to the room.


  • Can I use other floor coverings in addition to tiles?

    Absolutely! Although ceramic tiles or natural stones are the ideal covering material because of their low thermal resistance, most other floor coverings are feasible in combination with a floor heating system. A large number of manufacturers offer floor coverings that are specifically approved for use with floor heating systems.

  • Is a floor heating system suitable for people suffering from dust allergies?

    Definitely! In contrast to conventional heating systems (radiators), a floor heating system does not distribute its heat via air drafts, but as evenly distributed radiated heat - comparable to a tiled fireplace. That has the advantage that little dust is stirred up and that the dust floating in the air is not automatically distributed throughout the space.

    Another benefit for allergy sufferers is that the warm, dry floor surface of a heated floor does not favour the growth of bacteria and fungi.

  • Does the installation of a floor heating system take longer?

    No, on the contrary! With a Schlüter-BEKOTEC studded panel and the convenient connection systems, the installation substrate can be created in just a few hours. If you decide to use tiles as the top covering and install the Schlüter-DITRA-25 mat, the tiles can be installed in a single work step together with the screed as soon as the screed is ready to bear weight! — Typically, that takes about a day in the case of cement screed. In the case of conventional assemblies without Schlüter-BEKOTEC, you would have to wait approx. 6 weeks before the tiles can be installed.