Warm feet in Juulsbjergparken

Apartment complex fitted with ceramic thermal comfort floor

In the Danish town of Bredballe near Vejle, the apartment complex Juulsbjergparken comprises 88 apartments and a total living space exceeding 10,000 m² that jointly meet the highest demands of architectural design and energy-efficient construction. In addition to efficient insulation and solar panels, the general contractors Hansson & Knudsen Vest A/S working for the housing development company ØsterBO also made use of the ceramic thermal comfort floor Schlüter-BEKOTEC-THERM. There were several good reasons to do so: the quick installation time compared to conventional floor heating systems was an important factor in the project. Due to the bonded uncoupling mat Schlüter-DITRA, which is part of the system, there is no need for lengthy curing and functional heating of the screed, which shortens the installation time by up to six weeks.

Moreover, the thin assembly height of the system makes it highly responsive. That was another important factor for the developers, since the temperature can be reduced at night, which saves heating cost and energy. Søren Ahle Hansen, Managing Director at ØsterBO, is very satisfied with the project implementation. In his mind, there is another key advantage of installing BEKOTEC-THERM: "The assembly by Schlüter-Systems not only offers a high level of comfort, but also has helped our tenants to save heating cost and has resulted in improved sound insulation.“ 


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